Choice Quotes from the
Prophet Elijah, Reincarnated
                           The following words
                     were either spoken or
                     written by the present-
                     day, prophet Elijah:

                                Note: Some of these quotes are
                               copyright protected.  Don't steal.
                               That is, after all, one of the Ten
                               Commandments.  Please give
                               credit where credit is due.

- God is communicating with us on a very
elementary level.  This stuff isn't brain
surgery.  You just have to be hip to what's
going on.

- There's nothing more fascinating than
communication with a higher power and

- We're dealing with a higher power and
intelligence.  He expects us to use our heads!

- People just don't get it.  It isn't about me and
what I can do.  It's about God and what He can
do, and He has been up to quite a bit lately.

- How many times will fate give a break to a
guy who's off the mark on something like this?

- With the coming of the Lord, there's some-
thing in it for everyone, but it also requires
of everyone an attitude adjustment.  Of course,
it's that last part of that last sentence that makes
religious leaders especially loath to give the
matter any consideration.

- You can comb the face of the earth, and with
the exception of the very existence of the
modern nation of Israel, you won't find anything
else out there that comes even remotely close
to fulfilling prophecy.

- Our ancient ancestors weren't b.s.'ing us.

- The Bible, after all, is a compilation of books
written over a long period of time.  With the
Bible, you've got generations of people all
swearing up and down to having close
encounters with this same, spiritual entity.
Seriously, what are the odds of something
like that being an inter-generational hoax?
Virtually nil, I'd say.

- There really isn't much of any kind of gray
area here.  This is either the most extraordinary
series of cleverly supportive coincidences ever
to strike one person - and one who's making
messianic claims, of all things, or there's a
higher power and intelligence behind, at least,
some of them.

- The most logical and plausible explanation
for creation is a creator.

- Atheists, I admire your faith!  You have
tremendous faith in the haphazard.  You
truly believe, to the exclusion of a far more
plausible explanation, that given enough
time, random, chaotic events will yield
spectacular results.

- God isn't some old fuddy-duddy who's
stuck in biblical times.

- It's an awful shame that, when God finally
delivers on His word, all most people can
do is turn away.

- Logic, reasoning, facts and evidence all
mean nothing when you're up against a
thick, dense wall of sheer closed-mindedness.

- To commit an atrocity in the name of a religion
is to commit an atrocity against that religion.

- It is wrong to reject centuries of acquired
knowledge and just totally buy into some
ancient people's understanding of how the
world and the universe came about.

- The biblical account of creation accurately
conveys something that science does not
- that God labored over a period of time.
He didn't just wave some magic wand and
make it all happen.

- God is a scientist - not a magician. 

- Our relationship with God will continue
to evolve just as we do.

Referring to the Son (Jesus) and the Holy
Ghost (the Messiah within the context of

- Both were sacrificed so that, in looking
back on our own closed-mindedness, we
might learn that the most open minds are
in heaven.

- Jesus Christ was the founder of Western

- God is a progressive spirit and He has
always been a force for progress.  In the
past, when the Lord has come, it has been
for the purpose of moving society forward
- not backward.  It's no different this time

- God gave us Jews a Messiah that is so tied or connected to Jesus, both by prophecy and by
world events that, as Jews, we cannot accept It
as our Messiah without also accepting Jesus.
Such a brilliant set-up has to come from God.
As the prophet Elijah, all I can do is point it out.           

- For the third time now, God is projecting
the long-haired, bearded image, except this
time, spruced up and donning a lab coat for
the new millenium.

- God is a hippie scientist and He's the coolest
dude in the whole universe.  There are none
more hip than the Lord!

These last five quotes are on more secular topics:

- The trees are the lungs of the world.

- The factory farms are the concentration camps
of the animal world.

- When the fate of the world hangs in the balance,
what is most called for is diplomacy.

- The role of government should be to protect us
from others - not from ourselves.

- The most important thing in life is how we treat
each other.

photo of the present-day prophet Elijah